Second Wave Ascension

Second Wave Ascension happens when simply the First Wave or group souls heads home to higher ground (higher dimensions) above and beyond the (duality) of the Third Dimension.

Said to be the 11th-hour reclamation of souls by the Voyagers gathered at the points of the Golden Taya (*) of earth beings who need some special care to ascend or would otherwise be left behind to experience more  of the 3rd dimension and all of the stress and strife that will entail.

According  to Spirit Mythos, there are specially prepared Light Beings who will assist these spirit sparked souls who are  somewhat undecided or unknowledgeable  about the ascension process at its great benefits. However, those who are “energetically dead” will not ascend as they have no inner light and simply cannot be reached.

Those chosen in the First Wave will return to the 3rd dimension to help others move comfortably into the Christ Light. Only 40% of those incarnated on the Earth now will enter the Pillar of Light along with the Angelics assisting mankind to Ascension.

(*)  from Spirit Mythos (

The “Ascension Temple” grid are the areas of the earth that will molecularly re-assemble in the ascension of the planet. These are the lands of the “Golden Taya.” All other portions of the earth will not move through the portal. Those who CHOOSE ascension at the soul level will naturally be in the right place at the right time to make the ascension passage. The “Gates” of the Taya Lands are given below. There are many more Ascension Temple lands than just the ones in which the Gates reside. These Gates correspond to the chakras, with the last five being the chakras yet to be awakened (already starting activation in the earth with the 21st century).

Understand that the Ascension Temple chakras are only for this specific grid and are not THE earth chakras. According to the Thothic Streaming, the actual earth chakras for the planet are INSIDE the earth, like in a human body, and not out on the surface of the tectonic plates. All the different “earth” chakras one hears about are for specific working grids and not the “Mother” chakras.

The Ascension Temple Gates / Chakras

(1) Base-Hawaiian Islands; center point the Big Island

(2) Navel-Rennes le Chateau, Southern France; center point, a cave containing the “Seed Chamber.”

(3) Solar Plexus – Sedona & Mogollon Rim, Arizona; center point on Mogollon Rim

(4) Heart-Grand Tetons region, Wyoming; center point in the Tetons

(5) Throat-Ayers Rock region, Australia; center point Ayers Rock

(6) Brow – Glastonbury, England; center point Tor Hill

(7) Crown – San Luis Valley region, Colorado; center point Crestone / Baca

(8) Osiris – Dead Sea / Masada / Mt. Sinai region of the Middle East; center point near the Dead Sea

(9) Isis – Easter Island region; center point Easter Island

(10) Sheba – A region of Ethiopia near Addis Abeba; center point not clearly defined on maps

(11) Thunderbird – Mt. Denali / Mantanuska Valley, Alaska; center point Mt Denali (Mt. McKinley)

(12) Zion – Zion National Park, Utah; center point “The Great White Throne”



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